Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fall Party 10-29-07

Samuel's fall party at school was this past Monday. I brought Nora Kate and she had a great time with all the 'big' kids. In one of these photos she is eating a cookie that Samuel decorated for her (that was one of their activities, and he made sure she had one because he knows she loves cookies so much).

On another subject, my eyes are doing well. I went back today (have been going in weekly). My vision has improved just slightly to 20/40 and 20/30 (was 20/50 and 20/30). The internal inflammation is gone, but the inflammation on the surface caused from the dryness is still there. He put in upper tear duct plugs (I already have lower) and wants me to start taking fish oil to help with the dryness. Fish oil for eyes. Who knew? I go back in 2 weeks, and if there is no change he talked like he may send me to a Dr. in Chapel Hill who is a cornea specialist. I hope it doesn't get to that point.

On yet another subject, the newest song I added to my ipod this week is "Everything" by Michael Buble'. It's a really happy mellow song and I really like it!

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