Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hobo Day 11-16

Yesterday Samuel's class had "Hobo Day". They were supposed to dress like a hobo and then the class party that afternoon was referred to as a "hoedown". The kids had a lot of fun. Josh had gotten home from his business trip (his all week long business trip) and was able to come also. Samuel was really excited that he was there as Josh doesn't usually get to come to these things. I am posting some pictures from the "hoedown" and of Samuel in his hobo attire. Just some thoughts on this.... we have no idea where this idea came from for hobo day. We can't seem to come up with any connection with hobo's and Thanksgiving. ?? We also don't really see the connection with hobo's having a hoedown, or having a hoedown at Thanksgiving. ?? Anyone?
Oh, and Mom and Dad, the picture of Samuel reminds me of the picture you guys have of me when I was 3 years old and you dressed me up like a boy for Halloween!

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