Monday, November 12, 2007

Tim and Rhonda visit

Tim and Rhonda and the girls came to visit us the 3rd weekend of October. We were so happy they went to the trouble of coming down. It is a long trip. The kids had so much fun playing together and it made me wish they could see each other more often, not to mention that I really miss seeing my sister (and Tim) more than twice a year. That's one of the things about moving that I hate - not being able to spend more time with my family. It just doesn't seem right. I remember when things started to get serious with Josh and I and we started to talk about marriage. I told him that if he went to the "wife store" to pick out a wife, that on my box it would say, "wants to live in Louisville and always be near her family." I told him not to "pick that box" if he didn't like what it came with, and of course he said he liked the "box" and wanted the same. And that IS what we wanted. But kids come along and life happens and you try to make the decisions that will be best for your family. And so here we are, in North Carolina, my 5th state to live in. We do really like it here, it's just so far. --- But here are some pictures of the kids from our trip to a pumpkin farm during their visit. What is funny about this is that when we got there, we found out that it was $10 PER PERSON just to get in! I thought my eye surgery had gone bad and I was seeing things, but no, that was the price. I think it included a pumpkin and a hayride, but we didn't want either of those things. The kids wanted to ride the train and go down the 80 ft. slide (which had a 180 ft. line and each of which would cost $2.50 extra per kid!). So we just went in the gift shop and took pictures with the pumpkins and after a bit of debating over whether we should stay or go, we just left! (The kids were fine with it. I think they had fun playing with the pumpkins and they were hungry anyway and wanted lunch.) We were all willing to go in if the other wanted, it was just the principle of the thing.
Sorry about the 2 pictures of Nora Kate. I thought it didn't post the first time and obviously it did, but I don't know how to remove it. Still learning about blogging!

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