Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a LOVEly weekend

Expressions of love. A joyful, love-filled, easy-going weekend. Cookies, cards, flowers, cheesecake, a nap on Saturday, and I could go on. Josh and I enjoyed a nice quiet dinner Friday night without the kids, and complete with live piano music. I loved when they played the St. Elmo's Fire theme song, and 'Don't Go Changin'... or is it called 'I Love You Just the Way You Are'? It was all I could do not to go throw myself across the top of the piano and start singing into my spoon. Well, not really, but it was very enjoyable never-the-less and I think it gave you a good visual! Josh got the kids a couple of activity books. Princess for the princess and spy training activities for our mysterious detective. It was a great weekend. Spread some love.

Monday, February 2, 2009

heartfelt story

This is a story I have been following for a few months. I came across it somewhere in blog world, but the story has been on national news programs as well. This beautiful woman, Stephanie, and her husband were in a horrific plane crash back in August. Stephanie, aka Nie Nie, had apparently become somewhat of a celebrity in blog world for her positive attitude and creative spin on parenting, and many other things. She was badly burned from the crash and was in a coma for months. I am not sure of all the specifics, but she is apparently home now and has started blogging again. In just the most recent posts she is telling a little of what she is going through now on a daily basis with her recovery and rehab. I don't know if it's because of my background in rehab or just that it's truly of human interest, but I find it heartbreaking but at the same time uplifting to actually hear her display her heart on this matter. I have prayed for her and her family many times over the last few months, and I truly wish her the best. It is a miracle she is alive. Here is her blog: (I have to learn how to do that thing where you replace the web address with a word that you can click on..... I still have so much to learn with computers.....)