Friday, November 30, 2007

decorating the house 11-24-07

We decorated our house for Christmas last Saturday, Nov. 24th. We usually do it the 1st Sat of December while watching the Army/Navy game, but Josh will have to be going in and out of work tomorrow as they are having a big change over with their computer system, so we did it a week early this year. Samuel decorated a lot of the tree himself. Apparently it helps to be wearing 3-D glasses. In front of our fireplace we have all of the various snowmen that sing from Hallmark and the Polar Express Santa that talks. The kids love these. They sit in front of them and listen to them over and over, dancing. Surprisingly, this doesn't annoy me. I think it's really cute.

Here is sideways Josh (like flat Stanley - which by the way Samuel got the first book recently and loves it, it's really cute). Sorry I forgot to turn the picture. He didn't want me to take this picture, but obviously I did anyway.

Samuel and Nora Kate are loving the Christmas decorations. I'm glad we have them for an extra week this year. This is after we were finished with the tree. They have been playing really well together lately and just enjoying being together. This was one of those moments.

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