Friday, October 12, 2007

to see or not to see?

That was the question. The answer is... TO SEE! I did have the surgery Wednesday. It went well. My eyes are still swollen, and both eyes are "bruised"(great big red spot on the white part of my eye) from the suction thing they put on my eye to make the cut. The L is worse than the R. My vision is not 100% equal in both eyes yet, meaning that one eye is seeing a little better than the other, but that is supposed to get better as the swelling goes down. I can see great. It is really weird. I am driving during the day. I keep thinking at night that I need to go take out my contacts. It is really strange to go to bed able to see! I have to wear goggles taped to my face at night for the first 7 days and no eye makeup for the first 7 days. Overall, things are going really well. I am very sensitive to light right now so I cannot spend much time on the computer, so that's all for now. I will post more later, maybe even a picture! Thanks for your prayers.

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