Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So I guess it took a snow storm in NC for me to finally post on my blog again! I think I had a breakdown after Christmas and all the stress that came with it and I have completely neglected my blogging. So here you see a real rarity.... a snowstorm in Raleigh, NC!!! It's hard to say how many inches we got as it was different everywhere but I would say we had anywhere from 2 inches in some places to 4 or 5 in a lot of other places. It was snowing when we got up and continued until about 1 or 1:30pm. The weatherman said it began around 3am. Very exciting! They say it only happens every few years so who knows when or if we will see it again. With the rate at which we move, we won't be here for the next one! They were out of school yesterday and today, and karate and ballet were cancelled for Samuel and Nora Kate. Anyway, the kids had a ton of fun and I mean ALL the kids in the neighborhood. Everyone was out playing. We made snow angels, had snowball fights, tried to sled, tried to build a snowman (wrong kind of snow), and played with our beach toys in the snow. Josh even had to shovel the driveway. It was great!