Thursday, June 11, 2009

way behind....

Since I last blogged, we have had a LOT going on! (thus the reason for the lack of posts.) We have had Mother's Day, Mother's Day Tea at preschool, last day of preschool for Nora Kate, last day of school for Samuel (which I will have to blog about later as we have pictures in our new camera, AND he got an award for straight A's for the ENTIRE year!!). We have had Nora Kate's birthday, my family visiting for Nora Kate's birthday, Josh's family visiting for Nora Kate's ballet recital, field trips, field trips, and more field trips.... I barely remember May it went by so fast! These are pictures from Nora Kate's ballet recital. It was so much fun and she loved being in the spotlight. You can see in the pictures that she was pretty full of herself! I personally love the one of her in the dressing room. It was buzzing with excitement in there! She couldn't wait to get on the stage. Next year she wants to take ballet and tap!

We are getting ready to leave for our 2 week trip to visit family in OH, KY, & MN; then Josh and I will take our trip to Alaska to celebrate our 10 year anniversary (which was last year, so I guess we are really celebrating 11 years. Our anniversary is July 11, so it is 11 years on the 11th!!) I'm sure I will have a lot to blog about after this trip!