Sunday, December 2, 2007

Nora Kate's 1st haircut 12-1-07

Yesterday we took both of the kids to get their hair cut. Samuel was long overdue and it was Nora Kate's 1st. She could have waited, but it seemed her hair was just getting increasingly stringy and it needed to be evened out so it could thicken up. Here are the two of them at home "before".
Nora Kate was very excited for her first haircut. She wanted to get hers cut the last time I took Samuel (which was obviously a while ago). We take them to this kids place called Snip-Its. It is very cute and they can watch a video or play computer games during the haircut, so it makes it less painful for everyone involved. Anyway, Nora Kate sat very still and cooperated very nicely the entire time. She really enjoyed it......

...except for the hair dryer. As you can see, she did not enjoy that portion of the haircutting experience, so the lady stopped and we let her hair air dry. No big deal.

This is her "after" picture. As you can see, she was quite proud of herself!

Here is Samuel getting his hair cut. It was quite a job. I don't have an after picture of him, but you can see he was shaping up quite nicely. He really loves playing the games. You can see he was really concentrating. (Under his cape was a mouse and mousepad).

All Grandparents, brace yourselves..... here she is at home today. This is what she really looks like now. Where did my little baby go?!

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