Tuesday, October 21, 2008

our trip to the lemur center

Ever seen the kids show Zaboomafoo? Well, if you haven't, it is about lemurs, and it is actually filmed at the Duke Lemur Center, where we visited last weekend of Sept. For a little background as to why we would spend our leisure time on a Saturday driving to Durham to visit the very remotely located Lemur Center... Samuel had to do an animal report for school and he chose the Lemur. The lemur center was very neat. There were a lot of different species of lemurs and we learned a lot of interesting facts about them, such as they are female dominated, they only come from the island of Madagascar, there are some that are nocturnal and others that aren't. There was a lot of heavy influence on our tour suggesting that lemurs were part of the chain of evolution which includes monkeys and as we learned in school, supposedly then humans. Thankfully, we have taught Samuel otherwise and he thinks the idea that monkeys eventually turned into humans is hilarious. In fact, every time our guide mentioned anything about evolution, he started giggling. The interesting thing to me is that so many people just accept evolution as fact, when really, there is no scientific evidence to prove it. Darwin never actually saw anything evolve into anything, he just made it up. I do not consider myself articulate enough to explain what I know, but if you are reading this and I have either riled you up at the idea that I do absolutely believe in creation or if you are just interested in learning more, visit the creation museum website link I have over on the side of this blog. There is a lot of info there, and they have a lot of resources as well. --- just a side note, we learned on our visit that the show Zaboomafoo was actually filmed there at the Duke Lemur Center and the actual lemur they use in the show lives there, but his name is not Zaboo. Also, Samuel got a 100 A+ on his report!

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