Wednesday, October 1, 2008

4th of July family cookout 08

These were taken on the 4th of July at my Dad's cousin Larry Rush's house. They had a family reunion out there in London, KY and let me tell you it was packed (with people and with food). It rained pretty much the whole time we were there, but that didn't seem to stop any of the fun. There was fishing (pic in the middle is of Dad helping Samuel fish), volleyball, swimming, rides through the woods on some type of 4 wheel vehicle that I am not educated enough to know what it was, and a genuine outhouse (with toilet paper and a light)! I haven't seen too many outhouses in my day, but with all the ammenities this one came with, I would consider it pimped out. One of the highlights of that evening for me was ... no, no, not when Samuel got the fish hook stuck in his finger; no, not when Nora Kate ate 3 different types of dessert for her dinner, but getting to talk to and catch up with Larry's daughter Becky. Becky is some type of cousin to me (our Dad's are 1st cousins) and I have known her all my life, we are about the same age. She and I were pregnant at the same time with Samuel and her son Caleb and they were born very close together. So, we had just arrived at this very populated cookout and I was feeling a little shy not feeling like I knew anyone as it was mostly people I did not know, and all of a sudden I hear this little boy throwing an absolute fit. I immediately looked around to see where Samuel was as this sounded EXACTLY like him, when I realized this particular screaming fit was coming from another young man that looked to be about Samuel's age. I then saw Becky deal with him and a smile spread across my face. She looked at me and said (and this was the first thing she said to me at the cookout) "you thought you were the only one, didn't you?" Becky and I bonded that evening over our boys.

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