Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Nora Kate started preschool Sept. 23. She was on a waiting list for a good preschool here for the 2 day class and they had an opening come available in their 3 day, so we put her in the 3 day. She goes T, Th, and F 9:30 to 12:30. She really likes it although she does cry every day when I drop her off. I'm not sure if she's doing that for my benefit, or her own, but she is really enjoying learning new things and they always tell me she has had a great day! She is even going potty independently there! So big!

Samuel started his first day of second grade at North Raleigh Christian Academy Aug. 18. He is having a really great year so far. He is learning to write in cursive and LOVES it! He does an excellent job with it too, getting A's on most of his writing tests. He just got his first quarter grades which were straight A's in 6 subjects, his lowest being a 97 and he got commended on his positive attitude! Tonight we go to the school for parent teacher fellowship and get to see all the things he has been doing, and he has a field trip to the fire station on Thursday so something to look forward to! Our little man.

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