Wednesday, October 1, 2008

King's Island ~ July 2008

I know I am back-tracking here, but I was looking through some of the pictures that we were able to save (after losing literally HUNDREDS of pictures ~ did I mention that already?!) and these were just too cute not to include. Every summer since we have moved far away (aka 2004) I have travelled back to OH with the kids to spend a week with Mom and Dad. It usually includes a trip to KY to see extended family which is my only opportunity to see them at all. And it also usually includes a trip to Kings Island, the amusement park I grew up going to. The kids love it. This year, Nora Kate really came out as the dare devil of our kids and Samuel looked like quite the scaredy cat next to his little sister who wanted to ride everything! Here she is with Mom riding her first roller coaster, the "Little Bill Coaster".

This year Rachel and Elizabeth, my sister's 2 girls were staying with Mom and Dad a couple of the days that we were there and they got to come along to KI with us, so that was an extra bonus getting to spend some time with them. Here we all are (except for Dad who is taking the picture) on the train at the end of the day. Rachel and Elizabeth are in front, then Mom and me with the kids in the back. You can see that someone is getting a little sleepy, but I won't name any names. The funny part about this is that Dad took the pictures at the last minute before the train was taking off so it had already started to move when he took the last picture. So then, in pure Dad fashion, he disregards the warnings and swings around the outside of the train while it's moving to get back to sit with us. I can't remember if they said anything to him or not, but it was funny!

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