Tuesday, October 9, 2007

last week

It seems we have been so busy I didn't get a chance to update what was happening with us. I'll just give a couple of highlights since we are well into another week.

I would say the low point of last week was on Wednesday the 3rd..... We were at church for the weekly Wed night dinner followed by the Awana program, which Josh and I help out with the Cubbies while Samuel attends Sparks and Nora Kate goes to the nursery. Anyway, they were serving spaghetti on those styrofoam plates that have that really slippery coating... (you see where this is going don't you......) Well, apparently I tipped my plate just ever so slightly and my entire plate of spaghetti poured out on to Nora Kate's head. It was not good. She was not happy. Thankfully she was not burned. I had to rush her to the bathroom and lay her on the counter while I tried to wash the sauce out of her hair. I got most of it out there, and washed the remaining chunks out when we got home. Not that this was important, but I was pretty covered in it too, and sadly it went all over my newish running shoes that used to be so nice and clean looking....

Now on to the high point... I would say the high point of the week was Friday the 5th, my 36th birthday. Josh did not disappoint! I got an ipod! He got me the 4GB ipad nano with the arm band (I guess I'm supposed to use that when I exercise, which means I guess I am supposed to exercise), and he got these really cool new age looking speakers for us to play it on. I feel so supercool now. We spent a lot of the weekend downloading songs (he was dying that I downloaded 16 Indigo Girls songs "this sucks....") but it is my ipod, right? He also got my name engraved on my Bible and got me a gift certificate to my favorite store, Ann Taylor Loft. Samuel (and Nora Kate) also picked out a necklace for me, very pretty. I am usually not so lavished with such gifts on my birthday, but it was a "moving year". Last "moving year" when we moved to PA in 04 I got a necklace from Tiffany's. I guess moving has it's perks. No, really the speakers for the ipod was kind of like a family gift since we will all use it and enjoy it, and Josh and I have always wanted a stereo system and have never had one, so this is kind of filling that hole for us. Anyway, I'm posting a couple of pictures from my birthday. One is a rare sighting of me in my glasses with the kids, and the other is of the kids literally digging in to the cake. Hope you enjoy.

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