Monday, January 21, 2008

trip #3 to the ER for Samuel

I thought today would be a low key, uneventful day, but I was wrong. Instead of going to the gym this morning I spent my morning at the emergency room, and then the pharmacy getting medication. I was trying to get Nora Kate to come with me upstairs to get dressed and change her diaper and of course she was running from me. So Samuel tries to "save" her from me, the "monster" and he picked her up and started running away from me. I ran after them, noticing that they were going a bit to fast (i.e. Samuel had worked up to a full fledged run.) So, I told him to stop running. I turned out to be a bit to late with the advice because at that moment he stepped off the rug onto the hardwood and began to slip in his new grown up socks. He started falling forward and went right into our entryway table and a plant. Luckily they just missed knocking their heads open on the edge of the table, but unfortunately for Samuel he had hit on his mouth and his tooth went right through his cheek. Just clarify, there were no teeth lost or damaged, but he was left with a hole in his cheek. The inside of his mouth was pretty hurt too with a huge open place. Skip forward past all the panicking to the ER...... At the ER, Josh met us and they ended up only putting some dermabond, a type of 'glue', on the spot on the outside of his cheek, plus a bandage. They didn't do anything to the inside, but we had to get him an antibiotic to take for a few days as a precaution since he has an open wound inside his mouth. He did really well. So, hopefully the rest of the week will prove to be less eventful.


Amber said...

I'm glad Samuel is OK ---Hannah

I bet that hurt ---Aaron

That really hurts, Im glad you're OK ---Amanda

If you call granna and act really sad and hurt she will robably buy you a present, if she has not already. I bet your sister is a nice nurse. ---Aunt Amber

Amanda Rose said...

I have a blog too now