Thursday, January 10, 2008

Samuel's 1st basketball game 1-5-08

Samuel's 1st basketball game was last Saturday. He loved it and did pretty good. It was so cute because they had the cheerleaders lined up and they turned off the lights in the gym and had the players run out of the "tunnel" as they were announced. They had a spotlight on them and everything. It was fun. Unfortunately because of the delay on my camera and because of a man who decided to walk right in front of me, I did not get a picture of Samuel as he was running through the tunnel. Luckily, they do this at every game, so I will get another opportunity. Here he is stretching with his team before the game. After running through the tunnel, eager for the game to start!

Here he is gaurding... someone.....(?)!

Here he is with the ball. He is actually a pretty good little rebounder. And he's also very good at being the first one to get to the other end of the court, something he is very proud of.

Samuel's biggest fan!

They give out awards after every game and each player gets an award. This week Samuel got the yellow star for sportsmanship. Way to go buddy!

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