Friday, June 13, 2008

playset is finished

Josh actually finished the playset Memorial Day but I am just now getting around to posting about it. The kids are LOVING it! (In case you can't see), there is a rock wall, rope ladder, 2 regular swings, a disc swing, a slide, and an upper and lower level clubhouse type area. They are playing on it every day and having so much fun, not to mention quite a few of the neighbor kids are enjoying it also! Samuel has learned to swing and can swing about as high as the top of the slide. I was not surprised that he is 7 and didn't know how to swing. How would he? Most of the newer playgrounds these days do not have swings, not to mention that when he was in school in PA he only had recess 3 TIMES the whole year from when school started to when we moved in March. I was irate about that. He does have recess EVERY day here in NC, which I am very grateful for, but no swings. And just to note (from my OT classes), swinging is very good for kids developmentally and neurologically. So, glad to finally have the swings!

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