Friday, June 13, 2008

end of 1st grade celebrations

Friday, May 30, the entire 1st grade from Samuel's school had a field trip to JellyBeans, the roller rink here. We all 3 skated (yes, even me!) Someone said to me "wow, you are brave!" when they saw me and the 2 kids all in skates. I said, "well, either brave or stupid, I'm not sure which just yet!" It all turned out good. I only almost fell once but saved face. (Unlike the poor Dad from another class who fell and twisted his ankle on the last field trip to Clemmons Forest. Poor guy had to be lifted out of the forest on a stretcher.) Anyway, both of the kids had a great time. Samuel skated and fell a few times, but had fun. Nora Kate didn't care too much for skating on the rink, but liked 'skating' around on the carpet outside of the rink. It was a very cute sight to see her in roller skates (the smallest size they had!) The last day of school was Tuesday, June 3. The first grade had an Awards Chapel at 8am. Josh and I both went. We weren't sure if he would get an award, but we told him even if he didn't it was a good idea to go and cheer on his classmates. As it turned out, he did get an award for A/B Honor Roll, meaning that he got all A's and B's the entire year! We were really proud of him! Here he is with his teacher, Mrs. Gordey in the classroom after the awards. (Just a side note.... he has since gotten a haircut -- thank goodness!)

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