Friday, September 14, 2007

Noah's Ark Parade 9-14-07

The first graders had a Noah's Ark Parade today at school. Everyone dressed as an animal (or Noah) and they paraded around the school. Samuel had a lot of fun. He wanted to wear his lion costume which was his Halloween costume when he was 3. It was quite a bit too small for him, but it worked so it was fine. I tried to get him to wear the spider turned fly costume I made for him for insect day last year, but he still wanted to wear the lion. It is a much cooler costume, and in first grade, cool is important! Nora Kate loved watching all the kids in their costumes. After it was over I got a shot of Samuel at his desk in his classroom. He told me to hurry up because he had to "concentrate" on his paper he was coloring. I left soon after.....

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