Thursday, September 27, 2007

Eye can't believe it!

Today I made the appointment for my eye surgery. October 10 at 1:30. Yesterday I went for my consultation and although I don't qualify for the lasik surgery, lucky for me there is a new (more expensive) technology which is bladeless, called Intralase. Because of the corneal ulcer scar from this summer, my dry eyes diagnosis, and my really bad prescription (the worse your nearsightedness, the deeper they have to cut into the tissue of your eyes); if I am going to have the corrective surgery, I don't qualify for regular lasik. I am pretty scared about the surgery, but I know that I cannot go on wearing glasses forever. And although I am thankful for being able to see at all, this summer has been tough not being able to see my face in the mirror to put on my make up or the shampoo bottles in the shower, etc. It has come down to this. They say that contacts are not really an option for me anymore. Apparently once you have a corneal ulcer you are much more susceptible to getting them again and again in the same spot, as I have experienced already. I am very nervous about it, but pray that things will go well. So hopefully, October 10 will be a very good day for me!


alison said...

i am so glad i found you! or you found me, i mean. i love seeing your kids. they are absolutely adorable! i would love to see pictures of your new house too. i miss the east so much. we live in a mountain desert and i love seeing all that lushy greeness. i will be thinking about you on the 10th. i hope everything goes well.


TheMorts said...

I always wanted to get that surgery too... I can hardly see without my contacts. I'm sure that I can't wear them forever either...Let me know how it goes- i'll keep you in my prayers :-)