Sunday, September 30, 2007

Josh's work picnic 9-29-07

Every once in a great while, an opportunity arises that you just can't pass up. Something so fantastic that you have been waiting for the past 10 years and didn't even know it! --- Well, Josh had to sit in the DUNK TANK! for 20 minutes at their company picnic yesterday! It felt like the angels were sitting on my shoulders singing hallelujahs all the way there! And it was definitely a satisfying feeling to watch him go down (each time!). I took a lot of money and spent $2 (4 balls) to give it my best shot, but when the guy said I could just push the button (I guess there are some family priveleges) I said, "say no more", and down he went. Maybe it was Josh's insults about my poor eyesight that led the guy to instruct me to go ahead and dunk him. Whatever it was, I felt great satisfaction pushing that button and watching him go down! Samuel got to dunk him a few times also, which was his favorite part of the picnic. It was, after all, for a good cause... all the $ went to United Way. I think Josh really helped them out yesterday. There was quite a line of people waiting to dunk him.

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