Saturday, March 8, 2008

more pictures from Disney

This was from the dinner at Cinderella's castle. The Fairy Godmother came out and did a show and as you may recognize, this was one of her helpers.
Thanks to my cousin Amy who works for Disney! She really helped us out and we really appreciated it! We also got to spend the whole evening with her Monday. She met us at Hollywood Studios and had dinner with us, and then went to see the 3-D Muppet show and Fantasmic (which was incredible) with us. It was so nice to spend time with her. Thanks again Amy!

This is Samuel at the Boneyard playground in Dinoland at Animal Kingdom. The kids could have spent all day there!

This was Samuel and Nora Kate at Animal Kingdom. We were waiting for the Bird show to start, Flights of Wonder I think it was called.

This was another big moment! This was the only character Samuel wanted to wait in line to see. He was a little nervous but really wanted to meet Buzz. As we got closer to Buzz in line, Samuel said "Mommy, I waited my WHOLE LIFE to meet Buzz Lightyear!!!" He was really excited and so were the rest of us!

This is more from the Jedi Training Academy at Hollywood Studios. Samuel was really concentrating on getting his moves down! We bought him a 'Jedi Training Academy' t-shirt after the show, which of course they had right next door!

This is Nora Kate dancing in Playhouse Disney at Hollywood Studios. They had 4 of the little Disney shows in their show; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Tigger and Friends, and Little Einsteins. She loved it!

This is our little Princess twirling in front of the castle. You can see Samuel in the background in the orange shirt.

We stayed at the Pop Century Resort on the Disney properties. This was the view from our room when we stepped outside the door or looked out the window. The resort has sections from the 1950's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. We were in the 50's section. It was a really neat place.

This was at Story Time with Belle. It was in a little garden area at Magic Kingdom. Belle came out and told the story of Beauty and the Beast with some help from the audience. She asked Samuel to come up and be one of the characters, but he didn't want to. This was the only picture on our camera of the 4 of us together!

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TheMorts said...

oh I love Disney, looking at your pictures makes me want to go back! I was wondering where you guys had "disappeared" to..
You got some awesome pictures!