Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We had a great Easter. It was very low key, which was nice. We tried to really reflect on what the season is actually about. In fact, the kids didn't make any big deal about the Easter Bunny at all. We had to remind them Saturday night to get their baskets to set out. We watched 'Passion of the Christ' Saturday night as Samuel had been wanting to watch it and this seemed like a good time. A very somber movie, but one that everyone should watch. It was my second time to see it and I knew it would wipe me out emotionally as it did the first time. The scene that stands out to me the most, the scene I just about cannot take, is when Jesus is so badly beaten and he is carrying his cross and he falls down. This actually happens many times, but in one scene in particular, Mary sees him fall, then flashes back to when Jesus was a little boy and he was running and fell down, and she runs to him to help him and comfort him, then she flashes back to present and runs to Jesus as He has just fallen.... Nora Kate was in the room, but thankfully not really watching the movie. She saw me crying and went and got a tissue, then wiped the tears off my face. It was very sweet. "I wipe your tears off, Mommy". So, here are the kids Easter Sunday morning. We went to church. It is amazing to see all the people that come out for church on Easter Sunday, but who don't normally go. It would be wonderful if all those people came all the time. After church we just came home and cooked our own Easter lunch of ham (which had been cooking in the crock pot all morning), green bean casserole, and mashed potatoes. Josh made 'resurrection rolls' with the kids while I cooked. We then just relaxed the rest of the day and started researching for our upcoming trip to Alaska that we just booked! It was nice.

Hope everyone else had a great Easter!

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