Tuesday, December 16, 2008

visit with Santa 12-12-08

Santa came to Josh's work again this year. It is a great way to visit Santa because it is so much more low key than the mall. No lines, and the kids can pretty much spend as much time with him as they want.

Before we left, they got their lists ready: (Someone was a tad grumpy but I won't name any names. You might be able to tell from the pictures....)

I swear we washed his face before we left, but some things take an actual shower to come off! Samuel was all business again this year.

Happy! Wow! Christmas is going to be good this year! Santa said he'd bring everything if we're good! --- Thanks Santa!!


Stephanie said...

Wow! Your Santa is good! AND to promise to bring everything if they are good enough?!? I won't tell my kids - they just might want to move to your house! :-)

The Portens said...

Santa didn't really say that, just from the looks on their faces in the picture, it looks like that's what they think he said!!